anonymous wrote: "Bart has been a neighbor of mine for many years. He is truly impressive. Bart's trainer is a two-legged bear, and Bart is a four-legged human. They are wonderful to watch together." wrote: "Bart is wonderful to watch, and I admire him so. It is wonderful to see humans and wild animals becoming so close and bonding. It shows the world that bears of all kinds, and even the 'infamous' Kodiak, are kind and beautiful animals." wrote: "Great bear! Impressive actor - obviously choses his projects carefully." wrote: "I think Bart is the greatest actor...all that talent and none of the pride." wrote: "As a keeper and trainer of Kodiak bears at a U.S. zoo, I understand and appreciate the need for people to realize that without our effort, magnificent animals like the Kodiaks will cease to exist in the future." wrote: "We love Bart! GRRRRRRRR!!! We think all Bart fans should start a Bart for President campaign!" wrote: "Bart is so 'beautiful', we were stationed in Kodiak, Alaska while my husband was still in the Aviation part of the U.S. Coast Guard. We saw Kodiak bears in the wild, they are breathtaking, but none as gorgeous and pampered as Bart." wrote: "I am a 12 year old from the Boston area. I really loved your movie 'The Bear', and 'White Fang', you are great. I want to give you a big hug. I think you should win an Oscar." wrote: "When I saw 'The Bear' I knew right away that he was one very special bear and possibly the best actor I'd seen in years. Later I met a stunt man who was in 'The Edge' and he said that he knows of no other actor who is treated with the respect that actors and crew on the set gave Bart the Bear." wrote: "I loved Bart in all of his movies. I liked 'The Edge' the most. I live in Kodiak Alaska where Bart was born. Each time that I venture out into the hills, I remember Bart, and hope that I don't run into one of his brothers." wrote: "As a family connection from Nebraska, I remember Bart as a cub many years ago. Playing with him then, no one ever imagined the future of such a great animal and his 'human family'. The bear and the loving trainers have worked very hard, and it has paid off in many ways. The futures of animals like Bart and many others have been bettered by Bartís generosity." wrote: "I sing in a local hard rock band and we are all big Bart the Bear fans. We plan to join Vital Ground, and highly suggest you do too."
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